Std XII Results- Too much hype I say!!!

Archana Stalin

As a school student, a lot of life changing moments happen during Std XII. Students start to feel the pressure of choosing a career, realize true friendship as they write slam books, worry about saying goodbyes to pals and teachers, get confused as they are being accepted as adults all of a sudden et al.  And then to top it all there comes the board exam & its results. (??#?#?#)

Exams have been a part and parcel of school life ever since LKG but then Std X and more importantly Std XII exams are given more attention than normal. I agree to a certain extent that exam results attribute to be called “a life changing moment”. But I hate it when the same becomes “a life taking moment”. It pains to hear student suicides whenever the result dates are announced. Not just in my hometown, but everywhere in the country the situation is the same…

Archana Stalin

It’s almost ten years since my board results were announced (My mindvoice says: Oh!! am I that old?? ). I see ‘n’ number of changes since then except that one thing. Yes, you guessed it right. The hype given to the board exam results. As a result I find many young and smart minds being forced into a depression. The growing number of counselling centers and student helplines stand testimony to this.

Now if I ask who is responsible for all this, its going to turn into a blaming game. The students blaming the parents, parents blaming teachers, teachers blaming school, school blaming government and so on….But the answer to solve this menace lies somewhere within all of us as individuals. I am trying my best to share how each student & his/her family should approach the Board Exam Results

5 Things to remember on the day of exam results:

  • Teenager: Your child is now a teenager and can understand reality if guided properly. Talk to your child and know if he/she thinks the results are as expected. Reassure them that whatever the results, you are proud of them and will always love them. Students expect trust from you and will open out their feelings if they feel it.
  • Listen to your child: Let your child tell you his/her expectations and worries. Don’t force your expectations and put the little one under pressure. Remember, Std XII result is not an opportunity to show off one’s self esteem, talents or capabilities. No matter what, life has to go on and there are an ocean of opportunities ahead.
  • Keep calm: Now is the time for you to behave like an adult. Be supportive, sensible, reassuring and don’t let the wrong words pop out of your mouth. Do not compare your kid with the child next door or create a situation where your child feels disgraceful. Do not speak ill of your child cause that hurts even more. We need to start celebrating “Failures” in order to produce more successful individuals.
  • Define Success & Failure: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”, said Winston Churchill. There is no clear definition of success and failure. It all depends on one’s perspective and goals. This could be the most important lesson you should tell your child. Lots of successful, talented, happy people did badly in exams (Albert Einstein, Sir Issac Newton, Winston Churchill for starters) and lots of people who did brilliantly at exams have led disappointing adult lives. Sow motivation by exposing him to the lives of people who made it big by believing oneself.
  • Be practical: Whatever be the mood of the family on the day of the results, don’t overreact and make decisions in a hurry. Uninvited people you know will be at your vicinity to give free advice. Give your child the strength and confidence to face it all. There is always a way out for any situation. Relax, listen to your child’s field of interest and explore all possible career or course related opportunities.

By the way I wanted to write this post as TN State results are being released tomorrow (May 7, 2015). Std XII results are just one phase of life and it will gradually pass. Don’t let it get to your heads too much.

Wishing all students and parents good luck & a stress free life !!

Archana Stalin